Classic Quokka

Get the convenience of knowing exactly where your belongings are. Our Classic Quokka tailored trousers have four pockets sized to carry a modern smartphone comfortably, even when sitting down.

Stretchy Quokka

With a stretch panel running from waistband to thigh, reinforced thigh seams and five belt loops, our Stretchy Quokka tailored trousers are suitable for real women with real bodies.
We also include four fully functional pockets large enough for a smartphone.

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Tired of having to use a handbag, or just need somewhere to put your phone in a hurry? Our pockets are designed to accommodate real world items, not just spare change.

Our clothing comes in a variety of sizes to fit every body shape. We believe that comfortable pants, that look professional are something everyone should be able to enjoy. 

We have lined our pants to ensure you don’t have to feel disappointed when your favourite pair of pants rips along the thigh.



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