We are fully funded

We want pockets, and we’re getting pockets. With only a few days left our Kickstarter for Quokka Pockets got across the 100% line and it’s all down to you. You shared, you pledged, you commented, you told your friends and family about us and we really appreciate it. You decided that women deserve fully functional pockets and backed that up with cold hard cash, and we can’t wait to deliver that to you.

So what happens now?

In the short term–nothing changes. The campaign still has a few days to run, so we’ll be running it as hard as we can to get more orders and more funding. The more we get, the more we can do. We’ll be reaching out to our pledge manager partners to set that up for you all as well, but we anticipate that next week you’ll be receiving a link to them asking you to confirm your pledge and address so we can finalise our order with the factory. From your end, feel free to keep sharing the campaign with your friends and family. We know a lot of people look at Kickstarter and wait to see if a campaign is going to be anywhere near successful before pledging, and that’s definitely happened now.

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