Trousers with Pockets: Production Update

Our tailored trousers have come off the production line in Taiwan and the pockets are amazing! Our China and South East Asia liaison Amy was in town and couldn’t resist grabbing a pair straight off the line and trying them on–and we got these candid photos showing the pants as is, and then with a smartphone in each pocket–Amy usually has to carry hers in her handbag.

You can hardly tell they’re there.

It has been amazing to see our journey towards pocket equality work so well. It’s one thing to design trousers with pockets that don’t bulge. It’s another to see it in a final product that’s going to go out to all of our backers. Now we just have to get them shipped over, clear customs, get packaging, print labels… oh and iron them. There’s going to be a lot of ironing.

We’ve also started prototyping our next product. With only 3 votes between them, you, our backers, have asked for a business shirt with usable pockets. We’re also going to eliminate gape at the front and try to make a white shirt that isn’t showing off your bra. More on that as it develops, but we’ve found an eco-certified linen, and we’re very excited.

Stay tuned for designs for our Badges of Honour. As we get closer to actually shipping out to you we’re finalising designs and getting out packing material ready. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest news from Quokka, as well as to have your say on what we’re getting up to. If you’re new to Quokka Pockets and you missed our Kickstarter, you can pre-order our trousers and still get the discounted Kickstarter prices. The trousers are likely to be priced somewhere between $200 and $220 AUD, as opposed to the $180 base price on Kickstarter.

Thanks for supporting us as we’ll let you know once our trousers make it across the sea!

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