They’re here!

Three pairs of Quokka Pockets women's trousers pockets

This was going to be a ‘um, sorry they’re still being shipped into Australia’ post, but… then our stylish trousers with pockets showed up at and we’re… well some of us are still on the ceiling and will take a while to come down again. It’s fine. 

But after a very long wait, our trousers are here and we’ve been able to measure their exact dimensions for packaging and our mailing boxes should arrive this week, meaning we’ll start sending them out to you next week. Hopefully. Definitely. As long as the boxes arrive. They were sent from our supplier this morning so chances are good.

Our webstore is undergoing final testing and our final retail prices have been confirmed. Our classic style will be selling for $190, and our curvy style selling for $200-$220. That said, if you have any friends who want to get in at the $180 price, they can still pre-order to get a flat $180 price regardless of size or style.

We’re currently prototyping our shirt, so we look forward to sharing that with you soon, and we plan to develop tall and petite trouser options, as well as trying out a few different cuts to suit some body shapes our current design doesn’t fit as well as we’d like. If that was you and you backed us anyway, let us know. If that was you and you didn’t back us, please get in touch if you’d like the option of getting a prototype made.

Thank you for your support and patience and for sharing our journey–and your clothing complaints. We like clothing complaints. It’s how we work out what to fix with our next design.


Quokka Pockets

P.s. Amy is continuing to enjoy her trousers. Apparently the curvy design is really good for golf. Not really what we thought when we sat down to design trousers with pockets, but hey, whatever works, right?

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