Quokka Pockets was founded to tackle some fundamental inequalities in women’s clothing, such as:

  • The lack of functional pockets in female garments
  • Poor material options (that tear around the thigh easily), and
  • A lack of linings that protect your clothes

The post that started it all

If you ask our founder, Yuhan, he will tell you that the idea came from a webcomic that kept on appearing in his facebook feed.
Like most sane people that see something that makes them laugh, he shared the comic. Leading the way to some in-depth conversations about some real inequalities when in women’s clothing.

Dumbing of Age Girlpants Comic about how women don't get real pockets.
Dumbing of Age is a popular webcomic by David M Willis (@damnyouwillis)

The comic resurfaced in his feed a year later, and that is when he decided to call his friends to find out if anything had been done about the issue.
After finding out that pockets were still just as small, and inner thigh wear-down on pants was still occurring, he sought to solve the problem.

A problem like this can’t be solved alone though, so Yuhan enlisted the help of Jacinta, Antoinette and many more. All with the common cause of tackling a problem that 50% of the population has just learnt to deal with.

So that is how we got started, with the idea that everyone needs some decent pockets. That and Kickstarter (to all our supporters, we love you!).

A lot of our backers not only supported us, but told us of their own experiences with clothing inequality. It is because of their suggestions that we have been able to improve and build upon pre-existing and new designs. From gaping business shirts, to the easy wear down of thigh material – we are constantly designing and redesigning.

What about you? Have something that annoys you about clothing options on the market? Let us know so we can fix it.



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